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    Performing Arts Virtual Auditions

    By auditioning for either a major or extracurricular, you will be considered for a Performing Arts Scholarship. Auditions are open to high school seniors and juniors or transfer students.

    Please use the calendar to select the virtual audition you would like. Below is a list of what is offered at what time. If the audition you want is not available, try another date.

    Virtually audition for one of the below majors or extracurriculars:

    Major Auditions: Fridays
    Music or Music Education Majors:
    Prepare two instrumental or vocal selections comparable in difficulty to music from the OMEA Solo and Ensemble repertoire list A or B. Instrumental auditions also include examination in scales and sight reading.

    Worship Leadership Majors:
    -Voice Evaluation: Prepare two selections of contrasting style from Contemporary Christian, musical theatre or art song repertoire. Selections may be self-accompanied and students may ring accompanying musicians or a sound track.
    -Keyboard or Guitar Evaluation: Students with proficiency in keyboard or guitar should accompany a vocal number or play a repertoire selection.
    -Interview: Students will be asked to discuss their testimony and calling to be a musical servant in the church.

    Band/Orchestra Auditions: Fridays
    Prepare to perform a couple scales and a piece of your choice. You will also be asked to do some sight reading.

    Choir Auditions: Thursdays
    Prepare to sing a major, minor, and chromatic scale (you may use solfege, numbers, or a neutral syllable) and the national anthem acapella. You will also receive choral selections to prepare on your own.

    Drama Auditions: Thursdays
    Prepare to perform two 60-second monologues (one comedic, one dramatic). You will also be asked to read from a script.

    Worship Team Auditions: Fridays
    Prepare to perform two songs in contrasting tempo. For vocalists, one song should be acapella. 

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